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University of Stirling

University of Stirling

Address:  School of Natural Sciences,University of Stirling
Stirling, FK9 4LA, Scotland


Department:  Computing Science and Mathematics

Contact:  Dr Andrea Bracciali

Tel No:  01786 473171


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The essence of the University of Stirling is its great people: our graduates, staff and students are helping to shape the world. Founded by Royal Charter in 1967, the University of Stirling was the first genuinely new university in Scotland for over 400 years. We retain our pioneering spirit and a passion for innovation and excellence in all we do.
There is a clear need for high quality graduates with a blend of skills in data analytics and business management. University of Sterling Data Science courses will develop graduates and post graduates with necessary specialist knowledge, technical skills and experience for a successful career in roles requiring data driven decision making across a range of sectors.
Courses combine the latest theories with the application in real organisations and brings together areas of expertise within the University – big data analytics (Computing Science and Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences) and management and leadership (School of Management).
The course has a high level of engagement from industry, research and recruitment partners in the course design, delivery, project work and skill development activities. Students will have the opportunity to gain first hand practical experience by working on consultancy style projects with external clients.
This new programme is in response to the growing relevance of big data analytics in business decision making. Insights from conversations with business leaders across the private and public sectors clearly indicate the growing influence of data analytics in organisations across all sectors and the need for capacity building in this area.
Evidence shows that there is no lack of data scientists but a shortage of business leaders and managers with a good working knowledge of data science. This is the specific issue that the MSc in Data Science for Business addresses.
Programmes are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the industrial and scientific relevance of advanced analytics and their application in strategic and operational decision making for organisations across all sectors. It does this by blending knowledge and skills in data analytics, business decision making and leadership. In addition, there is a particular emphasis on personal and professional development to help build individual capability to support career development.
Students in this programme will:
•    Acquire knowledge, skills and experience for a successful career in data driven roles;
•    Develop an understanding of the application and implications of data analytics in organisations across different sectors;
•    Develop knowledge and skills of data analytics tools and techniques for business decision making;
•    Enhance capabilities and confidence for championing data analytic projects;
•    Enhance and develop critical, analytical, interpersonal and other transferable skills.

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