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University of Cambridge



Department: Computer Laboratory

Contact: Andy Hopper

Tel No: 01223 763505


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University of Cambridge, world famous university celebrated for its excellence in academia and acts as a beacon for UK education.

Cambridge was a pioneer of computer science and continues to lead its development. There are more than 1,000 specialist computing and advanced technology companies and commercial laboratories in the area (known as ‘Silicon Fen’), and many support our teaching and employ our students.
Our course is broad and deep – giving skills to create future technology. All aspects of modern computer science are covered, along with the underlying theory and foundations in economics, law and business. You also develop practical skills, such as programming (in various languages, eg ML, Java, C/C++, Prolog) and hardware systems (eg chip design using Verilog).

Undergraduate courses

The undergraduate course, called the Computer Science Tripos, is a three-year or a four-year course. Students graduating after three years receive the BA honours degree. Students who achieve a high standard in the third year can stay on for a fourth year and receive both the BA and Master of Engineering (MEng) degrees.
Open Days will be held on 30 June and 1 July 2016 at the William Gates Building.
There is also a first year option in the Natural Sciences Tripos that allows transfer into Computer Science at the end of the first year. Students can also apply to transfer from other courses at the end of their first or second year.
Masters courses

The one-year MPhil in Advanced Computer Science is a general Masters degree, preparing students for PhD study in Computer Science. This course took its first students in October 2009.
Doctoral courses

The PhD is the primary research degree that can be taken in the Computer Laboratory. The Cambridge PhD is a three-year programme of individual research on a topic agreed by the student and the Laboratory, under the guidance of a staff member as the student’s supervisor. There is no compulsory course work, and students are expected to complete the substance of their research by the end of their third year, submitting their thesis then or within a few months.


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