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It's well documented that there's a big data talent gap, but what's being done about it? What's needed is knowledge and experience. On the first front, hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide are gearing up business analytics, machine learning and other courses aimed at analysis of data in a business context.

Training companies, both external and online, have geared up to provide organisations with expert Big Data and Analytics training as organisations themselves build Data and Analytics teams to harness and use the information they gather every single day.

This section outlines the UK Universities that now provide Big Data, Analytics and associated Computer Science degrees to fill this talent gap , both under-graduate and post graduate qualifications and the leading training companies that supply organisations with the training courses, both on and offsite and the leading online training courses that educate professionals in the comfort of their own home or office.
Please search through the UK’s leading Big Data and Analytics Universities and Training companies to find your best fit.

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Training Courses

Big Data Jobs Board have compiled a complete list of the UK Universities that carry Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence degree courses.. 

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If you're not learning, you're frozen in IT time. The technology world has always been one of change, but the pace and frequency of that change has never been greater. 

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Data growth is headed in one direction, so it's clear that the skills gap is a long-term problem. Career growth speed and salary potential are above the IT industry norm and prospects for that to improve even further going forward seem extremely high, attain a good Data and Analytics or associated degree in Computing Science and your future seems very positive indeed. Salaries for Data Scientists and Data Architects in certain companies within the UK are paying in excess of £100,000 per year.
Getting onto a well regarded undergraduate or masters degree course is no guarantee you'll be tapped for an interesting big data research project working alongside a well-known professor, nevertheless, graduates of these schools tend to have their pick of future employers.
Most Universities in the UK are now offering fairly new undergraduate or masters degrees in Data and Analytics to cater for the huge demand both now and in the future for Big Data professionals as major companies grapple for Big Data talent.

Big Data and Analytics Training companies are increasing their number of courses in this field to satisfy the explosion in demand.

Data and Analytics has been around for decades but it is not seeing an explosion with the rapid progression of IT services that capture everything we do, buy and consume.
Big Data and Analytics is not just for the FTSE 100 companies, small to large organisations from private firms to the NHS and HMRC are building Big data teams to save millions of pounds every year and streamline the way they work both now and in the future>
Every click of your mouse, every purchase at the till or online provides companies with data on how their customers go about their everyday life, it is this data that can be harnessed to provide a strategic business path for greater profits and reduce a companies yearly cost base dramatically.
Yet Big Data is still in its infancy, the potential is mind blowing and training companies around the UK are starting to include Big Data in their IT training provision.
Such Big Data training can also be submitted online, there is no need to be sat in a classroom or office to study Big Data and Analytics, online courses from many providers allows professionals the ability to expand their computer science knowledge and make them selves a key part of any progressive organisation.


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