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If you're not learning, you're frozen in IT time. The technology world has always been one of change, but the pace and frequency of that change has never been greater. More such change is on its way, too: the Internet of Things (IoT), as a prime example, will fuel continued change and continued data growth in the not-so-distant future.
There is no escape, if you are an IT /Big Data professional, constant learning and up-skilling is mandatory, ignore it at your peril, this section showcases the leading organisations that offer onsite, off-site and online training for you or your organisation.

Training elements include Hadoop, SAS, nosql, SQL, Machine learning, Apache spark, HBase in Java, Python, R, Scala, Data visualisation and much more.
You can compare Big Data training providers and chose the training partner right for you.
Each company has links back to their websites too so you can investigate further.
We hope this showcase of the industry’s leading Big Data and Analytics training providers is helpful and informative.
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Welcome to Big Data Jobs Board’s showcase of the UK’s leading Big Data and Analytics training companies and their array of Big Data courses....

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Welcome to Big Data Jobs Board’s showcase of the UK’s leading online Big Data and Analytics courses.....

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Like many explosive -- and, yes, trendy -- technology developments, big data has also spawned its own industry within an industry. That industry is hiring and it pays well, by the way.

Back to that whole learning thing: Big data is definitely creating tremendous opportunities for the IT pros that know and understand it. That could be in a new role such as a data engineer or simply in a revision of an existing job description -- one that makes you more versatile and less dispensable to your employer and will likely generate unexpected opportunities down the road.

Where do you add these magical skills, especially if your employer isn't offering training in them? The Internet, of course. Education and skills training has experienced its own share of change lately, and there's plenty of upside for the knowledge-thirsty IT pro: Loads of readily available, online classes for developing new skills across the technical spectrum. Best of all, many of these learning opportunities come at no cost to students -- so the only thing you're really putting on the line is your time and energy. Admittedly, those are not finite resources -- but you can tackle new learning and career advancement chances with minimal risks.

This is plenty true of the still-young big data universe, whether you're looking to just get a basic primer on the big data landscape or become a serious (and in-demand) expert in Hadoop, data mining and visualization, or other areas. Keep in mind, too, that it's not merely about specific technologies or programming languages. It can be just as important to learn and hone related subject matters that help in developing deep understanding of what all that information really means, a less tangible skill set that employers and CIOs are likely to emphasize going forward.

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