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Mind Project

Company:   Mind Project

Address:   4th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE


Tel No:   0203 3223786


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Mind Project Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales under a company no. 08695628. Although we are based in Colchester, Essex, we carry out our business services nationwide and also internationally.

Mind Project was set up in response to the market demand of high quality unbiased and flexible data analysis and visualisations consultancy. Our company consists of a number of independent data scientists, social science and psychology researchers including current university lecturers, seminar tutors, postdoctoral researchers, advanced Ph.D. students and industry professionals. We co-operate with three major universities in the area: University of Essex, University of Westminster in London, and University College London. Our employees and consultants have expertise in such industries as telecommunication, welfare and employability programmes, education, marketing, retail and banking. We are also flexible in accommodating clients carrying their businesses in other fields.

Mind Project not only provide our clients with data analysis and data visualisation services, but we also help our customers to understand the meaning of statistics and data science in their industries and their own companies. At Mind Project we believe that this knowledge will help you make critical decisions and eventually grow your business. In order to provide you with some essential research and data analysis skills, we designed a number of highly enjoyable, but still intellectually challenging training courses and events.

General training courses - In-depth training courses exploring major concepts of data management, statistics and data visualisation, often combined with computational methods in data analysis by introducing the participants to leading statistical tools such as R, Stata, SPSS, or MatLab.

Specialist training courses - Provide intense and highly-focused training in very specific skills. They address the most current issues in data science and are strongly-orientated towards practical applications of statistical concepts. Targeted at at least intermediate-level data scientists or managers wanting to implement changes quickly.

Evening seminars and Meetups - 2 or 3-hour long evening events during which the invited speakers discuss selected problems in data science. As evening seminars attract considerably more participants than other types of events they are a good opportunity for networking and data (and non-data) related conversation in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

In-house training - we can deliver any type of statistical, computational methods or data analysis training to our corporate clients on their premises. Please contact us to discuss your in-house training needs and requirements.

 Mind Project organises all of the above types of training and events in different locations in the UK and we are also happy to co-operate with potential international partners to deliver our training services abroad.

Should you want to learn more about our events, please visit our website or contact us directly to discuss all available training options.

Training Courses.

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Applied Data Science in R

Applied Data Science in R

Big Data Methods in R

Data Visualisation Techniques in R

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