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Big Data Lead / Head of Data Jobs & Career Opportunities in Northern Ireland

Big Data teams need a Big Data Lead or Head of Data. Big Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects all need to be managed. The Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data liaises between the technical team and the boardroom so needs to understand both sides and be able to wear each hat at the right time. A Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data with an IT background combined with strategic experience is perfect. You'll find the latest Head of Data jobs in Northern Ireland all in one place, all online at The Big Data Jobs Board.

A Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data is essential as Big Data scientists or Analysts generally less effective at leading teams and coping with changes from the senior managers of an organisation. Data Analysts are good at building the Big Data tools but leading a Big Data team isn't usually one of their strengths.

The Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data manages the teams expectations and makes sure the team stays focused, motivated and moving in the right direction. The Big Data Lead generates innovation and creativity within the big data team and makes sure they are up to speed and comfortable with technical advances that occur. Big Data Scientists and Data Analysts can become distracted so a Big Data Lead or Head of Big data needs to keep the team focused when building great algorithms.

Big data is a marketing and strategic matter, the Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data should be able to explain the work that his Big Data team have done to senior management. The Big Data Lead needs to make sure the senior managers of a company buy into the time that needs to be given for the tasks to be completed. Big Data is involved in every aspect of a company's operation therefore the Big Data Lead or Head of Big Data needs to be a good networker and a strong communicator. A Big Data Lead aligns the different data requests and different data sources within a company.

The Big Data Lead or Head of Data manages, plans, budgets and decreases any risks involved deals with resource allocation. The Big Data Lead or Head of Data should be a strong project manager, capable of dealing with complex and fast-changing environments. They should be able to communicate efficiently and effectively and be able to relay a company's strategy to the big data team, they should be excellent team players and generate a tremendous big data team ethic and promote a true big data culture.

A Big Data Lead should instill trust in the big data team members and help them develop in their role, the Head of Data should be able to work with big data scientists, data analysts and data architects. A good Big Data Lead allows the team to achieve its goals by removing obstacles to ensure they achieve their goals in time. The Big Data Lead should know Python, R, Java, Ruby, Clojure, Matlab, Pig or SQL and a basic knowledge of Hadoop, Hive and/or MapReduce. They should also have experience in machine learning, conceptual modelling, statistical analysis and predictive modelling. If you are looking for a Head of Data career, look no further, we have a great selection of the latest and best Big Data Lead jobs in Northern Ireland.

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