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Scotland Statistician Jobs & Career Opportunities

Data Statisticians deal with the collection, analysis and presentation of quantitative information. They work in many different sectors such as finance, environment, forensics and transport. Data Statisticians collect data, design and manage experiments, process and analyse the data in context, statisticians also look for patterns in the data that will help them make decisions. They explain their findings and then recommend a strategy going forward. You'll find the latest Scotland Data Statistician jobs all in one place, all online at The Big Data Jobs Board.

Data Statisticians work in teams with other disciplines they usually have strong analytical and IT skills and interpersonal and communication skills so they can explain their findings with colleagues and senior management.

Data Statisticians interpret data and relay their results to the management using mathematical techniques and software. They explain the complex statistical models in simpler terms so that senior management can understand them and advise the senior management of their strategy. Studies can take from months to years depending on the complexity. They consult with clients and agree what data to collect and how it should be collected bearing in mind that they also have ethical and legislative to consider.

Statisticians design experiments and trials to produce the required data, they collect and analyse the data, interpreting it and making sure the right decisions are made because of those analyses. They monitor data throughout its shelf-life, they present their findings to senior managers, they advise policymakers on key decisions, carry out research and write reports on their findings. If you are looking for a Statistician career, look no further, we have a great selection of the latest and best Data Statistician jobs in Scotland.

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