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Data Architect Jobs England

  • £80,000 to £90,000 pa
    Buckinghamshire, London
    Enterprise Architect
  • £800 to £850 pd
    Technical Architecture LeadArchitect, Solution, Delivery, Management, Modelling, Big Data, DevOps, Cloud, Leadership
  • £5,000 pa
    Data ArchitectArchitect, Data, Mortgages, Data modelling, Agile, Big Data, Cloud, AWS, Azure, DevOps
  • £85,000 to £100,000 pa
    Solutions ArchitectAWS, JAVA, Agile, Cloud, Capital Markets, Trading, Azure, GCP, Tableau
  • £70,000 to £90,000 pa
    Hi All, I'm currently recruiting for this position. Please click on the job title below to view the Job Description and apply to it!
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  • £400 to £600 pd
    Cassandra Database Administrator
  • £500 to £650 pd
    Solution Architect GCP, Cloud, Google, Big Data, API, hadoop, spark, ETL, ELT, Google Cloud Platform, Analytics, Python, .NET
  • £70,000 to £80,000 pa
    Hi All, I'm currently recruiting for this position. Please click on the job title below to view the Job Description and apply to it!
  • £500 to £600 pd
    Lead Technical Architect/Full Stack EngineerTechnical Architect, Full stack engineer, developer, UI, HTML5, .Net, AWS, Linux, Jenkins, Python, Data
  • £65,000 to £80,000 pa
    Technical ArchitectAPI, C#, .NET, Node.js, API, Sitecore, IOS, TLS
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Find England's Best Big Data Architect Career Opportunities Online

A big data architect is responsible for the planning, design, implementation and integration of big data solutions, they should have a number of years data management experience. They can explain how big data technology can be utilised to solve big data problems. Big data architects are good problem solvers using their strong analytical skills. They design architectural solutions with the organisation's aim and their colleagues needs in mind. If you are looking for a data architect career opportunity in England, then The Big Data Jobs Board is the place to find it.

Big data architecture addresses specific big data problems and requirements. Big data architects describe the structure and behaviour of a big data solution and how that big data solution can be delivered using big data technology. England data architects need to have hands-on experience with Hadoop applications.

So what does the big data architect job role in England involve? Big data architects are an essential part of any big data team that an organisation recruits for. They link the organisation's needs with the big data scientists and the big data engineers. The data architect manages the full life-cycle of a Hadoop solutions including creating the requirements analysis, platform selection, technical architecture and application design and development, testing and deployment.

A big data architect needs to have experience with the major big data solutions like Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra. Also Impala, Oozie, Mahout, Flume, ZooKeeper and/or Sqoop experience is advantageous. A big data architect also has understanding of languages like Java, Linux, PHP, Ruby, Phyton and/or R, also experience with ETL tools such as Informatica, Talend and/or Pentaho. They have experience in designing solutions for multiple large data warehouses with understanding of cluster and parallel architecture and RDBMS and NoSQL platforms.

The big data architect not only designs the big data architecture but also monitors and governs the implementation. A big data architect candidate should understand data security and privacy concerns that can arise. From the latest and best London data architect jobs look no further, here at Big Data Jobs Board you'll find all the latest Big Data jobs including Data Architect jobs and career opportunities.

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