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Scotland Big Data Analyst Job Vacancies & Career Opportunities

If the big data scientist is king, the big data analyst is its servant. A big data analyst works with data in a system and performs analysis on that data. Their job role requires different skill sets, the next step up for a data analyst would be to progress to a data scientist. A big data analyst supports the business and management with clear analyses on the data at hand. Their job includes data mining, data modelling techniques, data testing and creating and explaining the results in concise reports. Browsing The Big Data Jobs Board you'll find a selection of big data analyst job vacancies and career opportunities in Scotland.

A big data analyst should have a broad data and analytics understanding and has experience with real-time analytics and business intelligent platforms ie Tableau Software. A data analyst has experience in SQL databases, R, Java, MatLab or SPSS, Hadoop and MapReduce.

A big data analyst should be able to perform A/B testing which is based on different hypotheses to impact different Key Performance Indicators. In order to report efficiently to management, a big data analyst should have business acumen and should understand what drives an organisation, the factors that influence their business strategy and how their data reporting influences the company's business strategy.

A big data analyst has a skill set similar to a big data scientist, they are curious and dive into available data, enjoying searching for patterns that could lead to new insights. They need to be confident and use large data sets to come up with the questions that can help create management reports. Big data analysts generally have a Bachelor's Degree such as mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

If you are looking for a big data analysts career in Scotland, you should have strong interpersonal skills, can communicate complex findings into plain speaking and ideas in plain language. Good teamwork skills when working towards a shared goal, a flexible open minded approach and ability to change direction depending on data analysis. A data analyst should be a good problem solver, they support the business and the Big Data science team in delivering valuable insights. Usually working under data scientists, a big data analyst is usually entry level.

Data analysts creating a robust database design for the organisation and reviewing the data on a daily basis will be the first task and make sure that the data is properly inserted to the system.

If you are planning a big data analyst career and looking for a data analyst job in Scotland, look no further, here at Big Data Jobs Board you'll find all the latest Big Data jobs including Data Analyst jobs and career opportunities.

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