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Credit Risk Jobs Yorkshire and Humber

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Credit Risk Analysis / Analyst Jobs & Career Opportunities in Yorkshire and Humber

Credit risk analysis forms part of a specialist area of financial risk analysis, Credit Risk Analysts assess and evaluate company risk from loans to customers whether that may be commercial or retail. At The Big Data Jobs Board we are confident you'll find the perfect Credit Risk Analyst job in Yorkshire and Humber.

Credit Risk Analysts develop credit risk models, research framework, collect data, model data using R, SAS or PYTHON, Weka. Credit Risk professionals also present findings at boardroom level, document the credit risk modelling process, advise on the credit risk models and analyse financial accounts and reports.

Credit risk analysts develop statistical models for forecasting credit risks taking things such as anticipated environmental changes, blue chip company performance, legislation and market movements. Credit risk analysts usually work within banks, private equity firms, investment funds or other non-banking financial institutions. If you are looking for a career opportunity in credit risk analysis in Yorkshire and Humber, look no further, we have something for everyone!

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