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  • £5,000 pa
    My client, a gaming company are looking to appoint a Chief Information Security Officer to have a view over all risks associated with Information and ...
  • £55,000 to £60,000 pa
    Head of Data Delivery data ETL layers, Ab Initio, NoSQL, SQL, Oracle
  • £60,000 to £75,000 pa
    Your chance to join an entrepreneurial start-up, who have a grant from a global tech giant, as part of the cofounding team who. As CTO, you will be ta...
  • £5,000 pa
    London, City of Westminster
    Deputy Head of Digital Infrastructure £637.50pd
  • £100,000 to £130,000 pa
    London, West End
    Marketing-leading role for a Digital Marketing and Technology Guru - ideal for someone who is innovative, analytical and passionate.
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  • Competitive Salary
    Recruiting for Data Engineering consultants at the Sr. Consultant / Architect levels. You are expected to come in with a solid foundation for several ...
  • Competitive Salary
    Recruiting for Data Engineering consultants at the Sr. Consultant / Architect levels. You are expected to come in with a solid foundation for several ...
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Find London's Best Chief Data Officer Jobs & Career Opportunities Online

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the big data strategy within a company. The Chief Data Officer makes sure the data is correct customers privacy is governed correctly. As big data driven decision-making becomes increasingly important, the Chief Data Officer should be a member of the executive board.

The Chief Data Officer should overlook the different big data initiatives going on in a company and manage the data operating procedures, accountability policies, data quality standards and data privacy. The Chief Data Officer also understands how to combine different data sources within the organisation with each other. The Big Data Jobs Board showcases the best Chief Data Officer jobs & career opportunities in London.

The Chief Data Officer should is responsible for defining the strategic big data priorities within a company and should identify new business opportunities based on the data available guiding his big data teams, showing them the data to store, analyse and use.

The Chief Data Officer:
- Should be the data conscience of the company.
- Decides on the data collected and how it is used.
- Is accountable for all data that is collected, stored, shared, sold or analysed.
- Should make sure that all data can be shared by all departments to make the company more efficient and innovative.
- Should also own the data as they have the overall responsibility on how and when and where data is stored, the CDO should be the link between the IT department and the business.

In addition to the above Chief Data Officer skill set, there are also some other important qualifications that cannot be forgotten such as have strong leadership experience and experience in areas such as Hadoop, MapReduce and/or HBase.

Experience in data governance and deploying best practices, big data management, building big data teams, data modelling techniques and/or predictive modelling. If you are looking for a London Chief Data Officer job, you should be a perfect mix between technical and business in order to guide the company through the technical and legal hurdles.

Chief Data Officers importance within companies is growing with more companies are making a seat available in the boardroom. Big data is driving more and more companies business decisions throughout the world as metrics are more reliable than gut feeling alone. If you want to find the most lucrative Chief Data Officer jobs in London, browse The Big Data Jobs Board.

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