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The UK Big Data & Analytics Industries Specialist Jobs Board

The Big Data Jobs Board is a specialist big data and analytics jobs board, boasting a fantastic variety of big data jobs throughout the UK, including London. Big Data Jobs Board's main objective is to connect the best big data candidates with the best big data jobs. We're incredibly confident you'll find exactly what you are looking for when browsing our jobs board, so if you are looking for a big data or analytics job, you've come to the right place!

Big data is getting bigger and the trend of more businesses / organisations doing more with their data at speed will only continue to progress. The Internet of everything is always expanding, there are more systems, sensors and mobile devices than ever before. There are phenomenal levels of data arriving from multiple sources including social media platforms where people can freely exchange their views and opinions. And of course there are more people using all of these devices / platforms, all of which results in more big data being generated. This data can be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. To extract the most value possible from this "big data", businesses need optimal processes / systems, coupled high analytics capabilities / skilled individuals.

What Are The Specific Attributes That Define Big Data?

It is of the general opinion amongst most data authorities that there are specific attributes that define big data. These attributes are named the four V's: volume, variety, velocity and veracity (you may hear a fifth V mentioned at times, value).

Volume - Is self explanatory, the sheer volume of big data is what makes it big. Big data growth year by year is huge, expect it to continue.

Variety - Unstructured data is one of the fundamental concepts in big data. To understand unstructured data it's best to explain structured data or traditional data. Whereas structured data is defined by a set of rules and can be easily organised, unstructured cannot. Examples of structured data include, names (will always appear as text), money (will always appear as numbers). Unstructured data is essentially the opposite and does not follow a set of rules, it can refer to data such as a Twitter feed or a voice recording. You cannot organise it in the same way as structured data. You need a big data analyst team.

Veracity - Refers to the credibility of the data. Can it be trusted? Is it accurate? There are discrepancies in all the data collected.

Velocity - Again, this attribute is self explanatory. Velocity refers to the frequency of the incoming data. Big data, high frequency.

Value - As mentioned, value is often considered as the "fifth V". Value is the main reason behind big data analysis. Will big data analysis result in the creation of new products or perhaps find a cure for a disease?

Big Data: There's Never Been A More Exciting Job

As big data changes and new ways of working with that data develop, the details shift, but the song remains the same: Everyone's a data analyst and there's never been a more exciting job. The Big Data industry requires specialised skill sets, and the ability to manage huge databases. If you want to land something seriously exciting, something with very impressive potential payoffs, a big data career is what you need.

The Big Data Jobs Board is the UK big data and analytics industries very own specialist Jobs Board - there's nothing out there quite like us! You can find the most exciting big data jobs and analytics jobs within the UK. The big data jobs boom is just the beginning of something special in a world that will rely more and more on analytics and data analysis to gain competitive advantage. Join the big data and analytics jobs industry in the UK and be part of an industry in its infancy, data scientist jobs, data architect jobs, data analyst jobs, data warehouse jobs, we have them all. Whether you are looking to recruit a big data and analytics specialist or looking for your next exciting big data and analytics job, Big Data Jobs Board should be your go-to place for everything big data. Big Data Jobs Board aims to be the big data industries jobs board of choice, combining not only the most exciting big data jobs in the UK but also research from the universities leading think tanks, rundowns on the university and big data training companies courses around the UK, leading big data consultancies sections and all the news and views from the UK's Big Data sector.

Big Data: One Of The Government's 8 Great Technologies.

The British government estimates that by 2017 big data marketing will have increased the UK economy by £216 billion and created 58,000 new jobs. February 2014 saw the UK government announcing £73 million in new funding to assist the use of big data signalling a commitment to the data revolution. The UK Data infrastructure was supported by £189 million of investment from the 2012 Autumn Statement.

Around a third of the UK's larger organisations, employing 100 or more staff, plan to bring in big data analytics programmes in the next five years. This amounts to around 6,400 large organisations. Big data professionals are set to rise by 243 per cent to 69,000 in number as companies recruit and build big data teams.

It's not just the specialist roles that are growing and developing - more big data users are predicted to be needed too, employees trained to use big data tools like dashboards and market analysis. Demand for big data users is estimated to increase by 177 per cent to 644,000 roles. Now do you believe how big big data is and will continue to be? What a great time to get involved, what a great time to get a big data job!

Applying For Your Dream Big Data Role

It is no longer enough to apply for a data-driven job armed with an engineering degree and an ability to program. Big data now traverses across most industries such as marketing, sales, medicine and manufacturing. Big data job opportunities exist for professionals with a business head, big data professionals need to be able to look at data and relate it to how it can improve business operations, increase profits and reduce costs. Competition for big data talent is fierce, highly funded start-ups touting big wages, share options and more compete against major PLC players in the search for the very best big data talent. Some of the most highly sought after big data jobs require not only Python or Hadoop experience - but critical soft skills such as presenting findings to company colleagues and senior management.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting The Big Data Jobs Board, we are certain you will find the perfect big data job.


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